Thursday, March 3, 2011

Team Rwanda

Our partners at CRS Rwanda team with local agencies to build programs that support the most impoverished farm communities in Rwanda. CRS’ goals are to “improve family well-being through agro-economic development and environmental stewardship” and “to strengthen the capacity of local agencies and communities to take control of their own development.” As a result, CRS has asked our team to assess the sustainability and long term viability of the local agencies supporting CRS Rwanda agriculture projects.

Over 85% of the labor force in Rwanda works in agriculture, and a significant proportion of these individuals are subsistence farmers. In the remote countryside, farmers are challenged with little or no access to quality seed and fertilizer, nor capital to purchase the products. Additionally, minimal infrastructure and no means of transportation make it difficult for farmers to sell their products at markets.

We are excited to learn more in country from our partners at CRS/Rwanda, and we look forward to keeping you updated!

-- Adam, Ahmad, Amy, Israel, Justin L., Justin W., Mariana and Rob

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