Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rain shower and speed race...


Today we went out into the field in Rwanda to visit one of CRS’ projects, the Farmer Field School (FFS). FFSes work in coordination with Caritas to provide health and nutrition education to farmers who own very small plots of land (.4 hectares or less)

The FFS attendees were very friendly, and we met with their group leader, Marius (on left), and the local Caritas field agents. A very grateful thank you (“Murakoze”) goes to Zacharie (on right), who patiently translated and guided us while we learned about the efforts and results of CRS and Caritas in the local community.

We also stopped by Lake Kivu before returning, and saw the lands of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the mists across the lake.

On our way back we got caught in a short rain shower, and entered a speed race with a few bike messengers (shown passing us in said downhill race).

--Ahmad, Justin L., and Israel

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