Thursday, March 10, 2011


We checked out of Malaybalay today and started driving further south. It took awhile to get out of Malaybalay because of the festival parade today. The entire town was packed with people (they started lining up on the streets at least as early as 5:45 when I first looked out. By 7:30 it was a solid mass).

We had one stop to make today up in Bagong Silang to an association (not quite a full co-op, but a registered grouping of 6 clusters totaling 119 farmers). This association already had two multipurpose courts (play basketball and dry coffee, corn, etc) but were in the process of building an all-weather raised drying station. It rains often in Mindanao, often sunny only 5 days a month during harvest time, making it difficult to produce quality coffee. We were joined by CRS’s partners Kaaniib who help with the implementation of the projects.

We said goodbye to Terry after lunch (he went back up to CDO) and we traveled on to link back up with the other group. For the first sunny day, it was sad to spend so much of the day in the car. But on the other hand, we have a full team now. Ross just popped into our room to see about getting a computer to type up some notes and maybe he'll blog some on what their team has been up to. Till tomorrow...

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