Sunday, March 13, 2011

So a priest walks into confession

and after two hours and no parishioners, finally someone comes. "Did you hear" they ask of now Archbishop Capalla.
"It's a tie"

That is Capalla's first exposure to Notre Dame during a game against Michigan from his time living in New York as a priest back before any of us were born. We learn all this and more during his first visit to Jollibee after mass this morning (he usually goes to McDonald's). Archbishop Capalla is an great man. One of the original members of the Ulema-Bishops Council in Mindanao that has built ties between the Muslims and Christians, he is full of interesting stories. His brother was in the NPA (Communist army) and now is an prominent businessman, while his brother-in-law was in the Filipino Army. Recently he was invited to Pakistan to help advise on minority issues and reshaping blasphemy laws. So went our interesting morning.

After a great start to a Sunday, we couldn't beat going out to the island off of Davao for a little sun and relaxation at BlueJaz (yes only one z). 3 of 7107 islands visited. We still have some work cut out for us on this visit yet.

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